RM Yoga

Working one-to-one with either yoga, Pilates or a combination of both, can be incredibly beneficial as each session will be tailored to your individual needs. You will be given a session plan to continue with at home and support will be available between sessions via phone and email.

One to ones can be held at a private studio or at your house.

For prices and to discuss your needs, please email or call me on 07956 244177.

You may like to work one to one to deepen your practice, if you are pregnant or if you have specific requirements:

Sports training
Rehabilitation from injury or illness
Lower back pain
Hip replacement
M.E/chronic stress & fatigue
Spinal pathologies
Multiple Sclerosis

“I recently attended a one to one session with Ruth, which has been incredibly beneficial to me. I suffer from an arthritic disease of the spine and the program that Ruth designed for me has transformed my pain management. It was meticulously planned and specific to my needs”


I started Yoga with Ruth at a time of great emotional stress. The sessions helped me to cope by teaching me how to relax both mentally and physically. I feel stronger, grounded and in control”  Denise H


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