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Pilates is an exercise methodology created by Joseph Pilates in the 1930s to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance. Using current anatomical understanding of the body’s muscular, fascial and skeletal systems, the method is precise and alignment focused to target specific areas. This allows strength building without compression or bulk and creates appropriate flexibility and efficiency of movement throughout the whole system.

I qualified in 2013 as a mat teacher with Polestar Pilates UK and teach Pilates classes and privates in Surrey and London. Polestar Pilates are leaders in informed movement and rehabilitation and promote a holistic approach for working with the whole person. The Polestar Pilates curriculum has earned the reputation worldwide as the most scientifically sound Pilates curriculum, setting the standard in Pilates education.

For more information about joining a Pilates class or booking a private session, please email me or call on 07956 244177.


“Ruth is an excellent Pilates teacher. She is always conscious of my injuries and weaknesses and has a way of gently teaching correct form and strengthening important muscles. Her classes cater for all abilities and I find Ruth’s holistic approach engenders a peaceful state of mind while working hard”  Maria B