RM Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
 9.30am – 10.15am 
David Lloyd, Brooklands

Beginners Yoga  11.35am – 12.30pm 
David Lloyd, Hampton

Beginners Yoga Course   7pm – 8pm
Manby Lodge School, Queens Road, Weybridge -email me to book

Flow and Yin Yoga Course  8.15pm – 9.15pm
Manby Lodge School, Queens Road, Weybridge -email me to book


Pilates  9.30am – 10.25am
The Scouts Hut, Springfield Lane, Weybridge -email me to book

Yin Yoga  1pm – 2pm
David Lloyd, Hampton


Vinyasa Flow Yoga 11am -12.15pm
Online class- book here


Yoga and Pilates Classes:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – creative, sometimes challenging yoga flow sequences that allow for a sense of fluidity and freedom on the mat. Sequenced on the breath to help you develop and maintain strength, flexibility and tranquility. Some yoga experience is required for these classes.

Beginners Yoga – a slower paced flow than a vinyasa class, with longer holds to develop awareness of alignment. Transitions between postures are slower which makes this class suitable for beginners or for yoga practitioners who are looking for a more mellow experience.

Yin Yoga – floor based yin sequences to promote opening and release with longer holds to take you deeper.

Pilates –   is a precise and alignment focused exercise programme that targets specific areas of the body. The method is informed by current anatomical understanding of the body’s muscular, fascial and skeletal systems. Pilates promotes strength building without compression or bulk and creates a long, lean physique with appropriate flexibility and efficacy of movement throughout your whole system, leaving you full of energy and feeling great both inside and out.


“I really love your classes. I’ve tried a lot of classes and teachers and I’ve found yours to be the most beneficial for my body. You teach with such understanding of anatomy, fascia, breathwork and manage to curate really well thought out sequences of movements, not just the standard ones either” Becky J


“I attended a weekly beginners’ class with Ruth during my build up to the London Marathon. I had some reservations about how comfortable I would be based on previous sporadic experience with yoga, but thanks to Ruth’s deep understanding and articulation of the physiological benefits of each pose, and her calm yet focused teaching style I quickly felt motivated and completely at ease in the class. The fact that I was able to stay completely injury free in the build-up to the marathon I attribute mainly to yoga, and in particular to Ruth’s attention to the individual goals and needs of each student in her class”  Paul W


Sign up for her classes immediately! Ruth is a born teacher and is both gentle and exacting when she instructs. She allows you to go at the pace you choose, but the class is always really invigorating”  Denise C